From Finance Apprentice to Administrator

We spoke to Finance Administrator, Michael Cunningham, about his journey from apprentice, to his full-time role at GAS.

Before joining GAS as an apprentice, Michael attended Durham sixth form to study Business, Leisure, and creative media at A-Level. Upon completion, he decided that the next step in his career should be more of a challenge, in a work environment. Continue reading “From Finance Apprentice to Administrator”

Which GAS apprentice are you?

Take the short quiz below, to find out which GAS apprentice you are.

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Three things I’ve learnt since starting my apprenticeship

We spoke to HR apprentice, Nathan Raine, to identify the top three things he has learnt since starting his GAS apprenticeship. Prior to joining us, Nathan worked part-time at McDonalds whilst studying English, Business and Media at A-Level.

His original goal was to study Journalism at University, but when he discovered the opportunity on offer at GAS, he favoured a wage and transferrable skills over continued full-time education.

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Is an apprenticeship right for me?


Taking the next step in building your career can be daunting with several choices to make. You may be considering the academic route or a full-time job. But what if you could combine the two? That’s the essence of an apprenticeship. You’re immersed in the world of work, whilst you continue to develop your learning.

As an apprentice myself, I’m going to cover the main areas which will help you determine if an apprenticeship if the right thing for you. Continue reading “Is an apprenticeship right for me?”

Three things you need to be a superstar apprentice at GAS

Meet Team

As an apprentice myself at Great Annual Savings (GAS), I have witnessed first-hand what it takes to work in a fast-paced environment with exciting challenges facing me every day. At GAS, I’m not just an apprentice, I’m a professional building a career.

The GAS Apprenticeship Scheme was launched in 2015, with a vision to help local young people kick-start their working life. Since the first intake of ten apprentices, the scheme has grown rapidly to achieve national recognition. I worked on the application for the award naming GAS ‘Newcomer SME of the Year’ at the regional finals of the National Apprenticeship Awards. We were also listed on the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers list.

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